As you will know from an earlier post, my coauthor and friend Gordon Lloyd passed away recently.  Many wonderful essays and posts have been written about him, one of my favorites by our friend Steve Ealy at “Law and Liberty,” a site where Gordon authored a number of important essays.

                It occurred to me that what I might uniquely add would be a few of Gordon’s favorite sayings.  As coauthors we spent hundreds of hours together talking.  In fact, that was the primary reason we wrote together:  to spend time with each other.  These Gordonian utterances help us understand the man from his own lips.

  1. “Go Back to Come Back”—The title of this blog has long been Gordon’s approach to policy questions of the day.  Where can we go back in history—most often to the Founding period—to understand the background of today’s pressing  issues?  He was especially the “go back” man of our team with his richer understanding of history.  I’m still debating whether I can continue our blog without his “go back” expertise.

I could go on, but these are the gems I recall from our 20 plus years of writing and working together.  We became best of friends, not just coauthors and colleagues, and I miss him dearly.

David Davenport

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